Sisters on the Road – 8 Artists and Their Discoveries

Art Exhibit February 3 to March 16

The Roundhouse Foundation, in an effort to further its support for the arts and artists in Sisters and Central Oregon, invited a group of artists to experience Artist in Residency programing at Penland, Arrowmount, Archie Bray, Sitka and Anderson Ranch.  The focus of the research was, broadly, artist-in-residence, workshop, and shared-space programs.

Eight local artists attended a variety of programs on behalf of the project. This exhibit showcases their work while participating in these workshops and residencies.

More information is available from The Roundhouse Foundation by contacting:

Laura Campbell – Blacksmith Residency Fall 2016 in Iron at Penland

Nancy Dasen – Residency Fall 2016 in Ceramics at Penland

Greg Davidge  – Woodworking at Anderson Ranch in Colorado

Susan Luckey Higdon – Workshop  Sitka on the Oregon Coast


Judy Hoiness – Painting at Sitka on the Oregon Coast


Deb Sether – Archie Bray Foundation Center for the Ceramic Arts, Helena Montana, “Invent, Engineer and Make Believe:  Large Scale Applications in Ceramics”

Kit Stafford – Workshops Fall 2016 at Arrowmont in Tennessee 

Mary Jo Weiss – Class at Penland in Jewelry